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How to Use a Power Rack – Exercise Tips

Training plateaus are a thing that plagues most bodybuilders and athletes, and a power rack can provide the help that a person has been looking for. These are ideal for the major muscle groups, and they are easy to install in a home. Spotters are not needed when a power rack is used, as the bars can be set at the lowest levels of a bench press or squat to ensure the bar will not squash the lifter. There will be no worries about being trapped under hundreds of pounds of weight and trying to roll it off the chest when this product is used.

Bench Press

The bench press is everyone’s favourite exercise, and the power rack can make this move safe for anyone to accomplish without a spotter. It is imperative that people attack their weak points, and to do this, they need to lift the maximum amount they can. This presents a number of problems and often necessitates the use of a spotter. The power rack eliminates this need, as the bar can be set just above the chest, and it will prevent a fully loaded bar from pancaking the lifter.

The power rack can also be used to squat effectively, and it will also act as a spotter. Simply set the bars at the lowest level of the squat, and if the weight is too heavy, the lifter can easily place the loaded weights on the power rack and step away.

Another great way to use the power rack is to attack the weak points of a person’s lift. Everyone has a spot that they struggle with during their lift; it may be at the bottom of a squat or halfway through the bench press. This is the area which prevents growth, but this can easily be targeted and eliminated by starting the lift at the weak point. The power rack facilitates this, as the lifter can easily set the bar to begin their reps at the weak point, and they will notice immediate results.

Military Presses

Military presses are another essential ingredient for the strongest delts, and the power rack can be used to increase the mass and strength of these muscles as well. It does not matter where the lifter’s weak point is, it can be targeted and eliminated. This will boost the gains that are found, and in only a few weeks lifters will quickly be stronger and bigger than they were before making use of this machine. Contact Gym and Fitness Power Rack Equipment Guru for more info.

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