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How to Exercise Using a Treadmill

Working out on a treadmill is a great way to lose weight, get the cardio you need, and help you push yourself to new levels as your body adapts to a routine.

To get the most out of exercising on your treadmill make it a daily part of your life. Set time out for your self-improvement. Make it an enjoyable moment for yourself depending on your move. Listen to music, motivational recordings or even audio books.

Always start with a 10 minute warm up walking on the treadmill at a regular gait. You can then start increasing your speed. This is different for everyone. Give yourself time to get used to the treadmill. It won’t take long. Just make it a habit to keep at it and you’ll be increasing the intensity of your workout in no time. As you get more confident, increase the elevations on your treadmill.

Challenge yourself. To get the biggest results for your treadmill workout use intervals to improve your fitness level. Doing Interval training will make you burn calories 24 hours a day. Variety is a good thing and will keep you motivated.

If you’re to the point that you can run on the treadmill make sure that your feet land in the middle of the belt.

Buy a light set of hand weights and add them to your treadmill workout every other day. You’ll get your cardio and tone your arms all at the same time. Using weights to work your muscles will add to your calorie burn as it increases your BMR (basal metabolic rate).

Keep track of your successes. It’s very motivating to see your results and will encourage you to keep going. It is also a real eye-opener when you see what happens when you don’t work out.

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