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5 Reasons a Trampoline Is The Best Gift for Kids

Is your child spending too much time inside on their devices? A trampoline can be a great way to get your kids away from screens and playing outside! That feeling of pure joy when soaring sky-high, the increase in endorphin levels, the resulting energy-boost, and the knowledge that your child is being active while having loads of fun are just some of the reasons a trampoline is the ultimate gift!

1. Fun Active Play

Having a trampoline in your backyard is a great way to encourage the whole family to get outside and get active! The benefits of bouncing have been proven time and time again; only 15 minutes of jumping a day can improve overall posture, fitness, flexibility, balance, and coordination. However, it's not just kids who can benefit from the fun-filled activity. According to NASA'S Journal of Applied Physiology, 10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline is 68% more effective than a half-hour run! 

Fun Active Play with Trampolines

2. Improves Self Esteem and Mental Health

Bouncing on a trampoline is not only beneficial for your child's physical health, but it also allows children to gain self-esteem and increase overall positive mental health. Jumping on a trampoline triggers the release of endorphins, feel-good hormones that stimulate feelings of comfort, happiness, and pain relief. As trampolining is extremely easy and fun, it's great for children who are less confident at traditional sports, allowing them to participate in open-ended play. At the same time, they develop coordination skills while helping to boost their confidence.  

Trampoline helps improves self-esteem and mental health


3. Gets Children Playing Outside

One of the best things about owning a trampoline is that your kids can play at home without being in front of a TV, tablet or phone. These days we understand how important it is for children to get outside and away from technology. Trampolines encourage kids to get outdoors, soak in vitamin D and breathe in the fresh air. 

Gets Children Playing Outside with Trampolines


4. Improves Balance and Coordination

Bouncing on a trampoline helps improve your sense of balance and coordination as it teaches you to control your leg and arm coordination. Improving your balance and coordination can assist in other sports that require general coordination. 

With Trampolines, kids will improve their balance and coordination


5. A Safe Way To Play For Years To Come

In addition to all the physical and mental benefits, bouncing on a trampoline is simply fun! It's not easy to find a gift that your 6-year-old would love as much as your 12-year-old or that will keep your kids entertained for years to come! Plus once you have the trampoline, that's it! No need for updates or expensive on-going extras. 

Trampolines encourage children to laugh, jump, bounce and play. They promote imagination and coordination and help children to enjoy simply being kids.

Trampolines are safe for Kids


Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Trampoline 

There is a range of factors to consider when purchasing a trampoline, as it is a big purchase. Which is why we have compiled a list of things to consider before buying a trampoline to make sure you select the best model for your family! 

1. Trampoline size: Trampolines are usually measured in feet and most commonly come in sizes ranging from 8ft to 14ft. Before purchasing, consider the right size trampoline for your backyard based, remembering it's important to have additional safe clearance space around the trampoline. Here are our recommendations to find the best space:

  • Make sure the ground is flat and even
  • Keep a space of around 1-1.5 metres around the trampoline
  • Clean the area of debris, branches and other obstacles.  


2. UV resistant components: As trampolines are used outside, they are exposed to the harsh Australian sun and extreme weather. Purchasing a UV resistant trampoline will prevent future issues such as the colours fading and will help the trampoline from wearing over time. 


3. Safety precautions: When selecting a trampoline model, make sure that it includes the appropriate safety features such as:
  • A safety net which protects against accidental falls
  • A fibreglass top ring cased in a safety cover to increase net tightness and reduce stretching over time. 
  • Safety Mat Spring Cover - to avoid little fingers getting caught in springs 
  • Meets all Australian Safety Standards


4. Warranty: The length of a warranty gives a clue to the quality of the trampoline. Make sure to look at the length of time and what is covered in the trampoline warranty. 


5. Accessories: Kids can become bored with new toys quickly. Adding accessories such as a basketball hoop will ensure kids remain amused, making your trampoline a better investment. 

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