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Wake Up Call: How to Stay Motivated in the Winter Months

Okay, all you fitness junkies out there who feel like winter’s out to get them, this quickie 3-minute article’s for you. We’re going to focus on 5 tips and tricks of the trade that keep high performers on their game throughout the colder months when it’s too freaking easy to slack off. Sound like a plan? Awesome, let’s do this.

Tip #1: You’ve got to raise the bar a little!

We all do our best to shred during spring in anticipation of the next glorious summer to come. By July we’re training harder than ever, jogging longer, lifting heavier and sweating more profusely. Summer’s the goal! So when winter comes if you don’t raise the bar then you’re literally one step away from saying, “I deserve a break.”

Right, maybe you do. But remember how hard it was to get back into summer-shape after the last 3-5 month break? It never gets any easier as we get older.

Tip #2: Finally invest in that awesome piece of equipment.

Maybe it’s a pair of really nice jogging shoes you’ve had your eyes on. Or, maybe it’s a good solid cross-training accessory that you’ve been putting off. Without a doubt investing in it is going to be a huge motivator, right? You’re going to want to use it! Here are two examples we see that are pretty common:

  • Quick Chance Dumbbell: So efficient. Instead of having to buy a few different sets of static dumbbells these make it easy to switch between strength and endurance sets.
  • Weight Vests: In the winter months you've all bundled up anyway so who will even know you’re wearing one? It’s fitness stealth under your leather jacket that most assuredly will help you make up for all of those mama’s homemade winter snacks.

    Tip #3: Find some new and exciting way to mix it up.

    Hey, going outside in the frost-laden morning all layered up and shovelling snow is a killer back and arm workout. But seriously, there are so many awesome ways to train your physique in the winter. Snowboarding is a full-body metabolic bonanza! Ice skating anyone? Man, even an epic snowball fight is a stellar option for burning calories, staying trim and using that body of yours when it’s easier to snuggle on the couch.

    Tip #4: Start mentally planning for the holidays early.

    Don’t wait. Ideally, you should begin training for the winter holidays in like…June. Seriously. I mean let’s face it, all those scrumptious munchies and goodies are worth it! We only live once. There’s room for pie. There’s room for custards, more cookies and hearty holiday feasts with loved ones.

    As long as you’re mentally prepared, you’ve raised the bar and underneath that sweater, you’re rocking a 30 lb. vest. Just kidding, but you get the point.

    Tip #5: Do that ‘other stuff’ at your gym.

    Have you been avoiding the Zumba, cycling, kickboxing or yoga class? Have you been steering clear of the stair climber? Does jogging at an incline on the treadmill freak you out? Winter’s the time to do that other stuff at the gym. It’s one reliable way to mix things up so that winter doesn’t just feel like an extension of summer.

    And there you have it ladies and gents, 5 solid tips you can use to keep your eye on the ball this winter and fall so that come next summer you’ll have less catching up to do and more results to show off! Fitness is a full-time gig, so enjoy the journey.

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