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The Elliptical Cross Trainer- An excellent Way To Stay Fit

Getting and staying in shape is part of any good overall health program. A good regiment for any bloke looking to maximize his health and body potential is to look into what is known as a multi-faceted body training program. A good elliptical cross trainer regiment is similar to training for parts of a triathlon. The elliptical machine can offer great training with simulated rowing machines and exercise bikes. They are meant to be a much better workout for the average guy than cheap treadmills could ever possibly offer. That is why men cross trainers are especially popular.

An elliptical trainer also known as a cross-trainer is a stationary exercise machine. The machine simulates actual climbing, walking, running or bicycle riding. The machine works in a way that does not cause excessive pressure on the joints. The use of this machine versus regular exercise decreases the risk of impact injuries to the body. This is the reason that people who suffer from minor injuries are still able to use elliptical equipment to stay fit.

One of the great benefits to elliptical trainers for most men and women is that they offer a low impact cardiovascular workout. The type of workout can vary from low intensity to a higher more strenuous based workout depending on the speed of the exercise machine and on the resistance setting by the user.

The base idea of the elliptical machines has been to take exercise motion and put it into a machine that puts less strain on the joints. That is a bit of a relief for the person who has some health concerns. Most elliptical trainer machines work the user’s upper and lower body muscles. However, some models do not come with the moving upper body components needed for an upper body workout. Although elliptical trainers are overall considered to be minimal impact exercise, they are still known as an example of weight-bearing exercise.

It is noted that an elliptical cross trainer is comparable with a treadmill for its exertion of leg muscles and the advantages of cardiovascular workout for the heart. It has been noted that varying the stride length on the elliptical trainer can recruit a larger variety of muscle groups. Additionally, it has been noted if the stride adjusted to be longer, more calories are burned. This, in fact, can be done without higher rates of exertion by the user.

There have been claims that the dual action with an elliptical trainer machine can be more efficient in burning calories than regular exercise. This is fabulous news for the person who needs low impact exercise. The logic here is that a bit of exercising from more muscle groups simultaneously offers a more intense workout overall. The great success is that it can be achieved in less time overall. It has also been suggested that the rate of exertion is lower. However, there are other studies have shown that the rate that calories are burned on an elliptical trainer is just comparable to a treadmill.

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