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7 Easy Ways To Get More Exercise Into Your Day

It can be hard to muster the energy to hit the gym at the end of the day, especially as collapsing on the couch seems so much more appealing. However, that doesn't mean you can't work in your 30 minutes of exercise into even the busiest day. There are plenty of ways to effectively and creatively exercise your body during the workday. Having a desk job or little time during the day doesn't mean it's impossible to sneak in some moments of beneficial fitness. We're giving you our top 7 ways to sneak exercise into your day!

1. Rise and stretch 

What if we told you, you can start moving before you even get out of bed! Taking a few minutes to do some simple stretches before you crawl out from under the covers can help you set the right tone for the day ahead. We recommend 6 different stretches, working down the body, starting with a full-body stretch. Hold each position for 5 deep breaths and repeat if needed.

Rise and stretch to get more exercise

2. Make the most of your commute

Running or cycling to work is an easy way to squeeze some fitness into a busy schedule, plus it's also great for the environment. Alternatively, you could get off your train a stop earlier or park a few streets away from your place of work.

Make the most of your commute to get more exercise

3. Reclaim your lunch break

Make the most of those minutes by going for a walk, take a lunchtime gym class or even run an errand. Eat something healthy while on the go or have lunch at your desk later.

Spend healthy habits during lunch time

4. Deskercise

Sitting at a desk doesn't mean you have to sit still. Get some hand weights and do biceps curls and overhead extensions while reading email or talking on the phone. If you'd rather do something more subtle, squeeze your gluteus maximus muscles and hold for 10 seconds, then release. Do this in sets of 10 to firm up that rear end, and nobody has to know. Desk sitting balls are a great way to strengthen muscles while improving balance and circulation. The simple practice of good posture and holding in abdominal muscles is a good form of passive exercise.

5. The housework hustle 

Doing housework can be a great way to burn more calories. Move vigorously through your house as you vacuum, sweep, dust, and scrub. Outside, use a push mower instead of a power mower. Wash the family cars by hand, rather than taking them to the car wash. Finally, skip the landscaper, and do the yard work and gardening yourself.

Exercise whilst doing some household chore

6. Tune into fitness 

Set up a treadmill, ski trainer, or an exercise bike, and squeeze in a workout while you watch television. Alternatively, clear a space where you can do floor exercises, lift weights, or do leg lifts with ankle weights while catching up on your favourite show. 

7. Do it together 

Plan active date nights, skip the dinner and a movie and go for something with movement! It doesn't have to be a trip to the gym or a jog. It can be anything active you like doing together, such as a romantic sunset beach walk or a light game of tennis.

Perform exercise with a partner


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