10 Funny But True Things Every Gym Junkie Knows

We all have those “moments”. Good or bad, we are guilty, and gymtime is not an excuse. So here are 10 funny but true things every gym junkie knows:

1. How to start your workout right?

I shall take a selfie and tweet!

2. I forgot to post I’m going to the gym

…now my workout is worthless!

3. What you look like when you see CALORIES. Gym junkies go…

…and sweets.

4. If you think a minute goes by really fast…

…then clearly you’ve never been on a treadmill.

5. Your cheat days happen to be like this.

Then you’ll feel guilty 5 minutes later

6. What you think you look like when jogging

What you really look like when jogging.

7. Flexing whenever there’s a chance…

… and again…

..even when you’re alone.

8. “I can do this!”

Ahh… no you can’t

9. You try so hard to impress…

…but often fail.

You get this a lot huh?

10. You always forget…

…you’re not alone…

…and you’re singing so loud.

…well said.

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