Commercial Gym Fit Out

Commercial Gym Fit Oit - Spacious gym interior with a variety of modern cardio equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, and stationary bikes
 Commercial Gym Fit Out: Extensive array of power racks and weight benches in a modern, well-equipped facility.
State-of-the-art Gym Fit Out: A broad selection of stationary bikes and rowing machines in a sleek fitness center.
Commercial gym fit-out spotlighting Bodytone recumbent bikes, boasting ergonomic seating and intuitive control panels.
Well-organized commercial gym with a dedicated powerlifting area featuring competition-grade benches and squat racks
Commercial gym fit-out featuring a robust selection of Force USA kettlebells and slam balls for dynamic strength training.
Commercial gym fit-out with a lineup of advanced Bodytone treadmills, integrating the latest in fitness technology
Premium commercial gym fit-out equipped with Force USA bumper plates and sturdy racks for intensive weightlifting


X-ROAD Fitness in Edwardstown is an institution with a 40-year history, a place where community and fitness have always been at the heart. But even the best of us need a bit of a facelift now and then, especially when competing with the shiny new gym franchises popping up. That's where we, Gym and Fitness, came into play. Our mission was simple: give X-ROAD a modern edge while keeping its soul intact.

When the new owner took over in 2023, there was a clear vision — update the vibe without losing the essence that made X-ROAD special. The gym had charm, no doubt, but with equipment from the '80s, it was time for a refresh. The owner wanted new life in the gym but didn't want to lose the old-school feel that made it unique. We jumped in with both feet, ready to tackle the challenge. It wasn't just about selling equipment; it was about understanding X-ROAD's legacy and where it wanted to go. Our expert commercial fit-out specialist, Jonathan, became more than just a sales rep; he was a partner in this journey, praised for his quick, helpful responses and genuine care.

The makeover? A huge hit. We focused on the cardio space with some and the classroom, bringing in an arsenal of high-end equipment from industry leaders like Force USA, Assault Fitness, and Bodytone, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in the gym's storied history. The result was a transformation that didn't just impress visually but also made a real difference in the gym's offerings. Classes and personal training sessions levelled up with the new setup, making workouts more engaging and fun.

At the end of the day, it's not about us. It's about the gyms we help and the communities they support. X-ROAD's makeover is a story we're proud to be a part of, not just for the shiny new equipment but for keeping the spirit of the place alive and kicking. Jonathan and the rest of the Gym and Fitness team are here, ready to help more gyms do just that. Here's to the new and improved X-ROAD Fitness — same heart, fresh face.