High School Gym Fit Out

High School Gym Fit Out at St. George State iew of St. George State High School's gym, showcasing the wide range of equipment.
High School Gym Fit Out at St. George State. A row of indoor rowers facing the gym's large windows, emphasizing their sleek design and digital performance trackers.
High School Gym Fit Out at St. George State featuring two Power racks and the Force USA Functional Trainer
A leg press hack squat machine in a high school gym fit-out, designed for safe and effective lower body strengthening.
Stationary bikes and a sled lined up side by side in a high school gym fit-out, offering both cardio and strength training options for students.
Power racks standing tall in the high school gym fit-out, ready to support a variety of strength training exercises and safe weightlifting practices.
Force USA functional trainer, a centerpiece of the high school gym fit-out, equipped for versatile full-body conditioning.
Ski trainer and plyo boxes positioned together in a high school gym fit-out, combining cardio workouts with plyometric training for dynamic fitness sessions.
A comprehensive overview of a high school gym fit-out, showcasing a fully equipped space with power racks, bikes, sleds, ski trainers, and plyo boxes, designed to cater to every aspect of student fitness training.


At Gym and Fitness, we're passionate about making fitness accessible and engaging for everyone, and our recent collaboration with St. George State High School is a testament to this commitment. Recognizing the importance of physical activity for growing minds and bodies, the school embarked on an ambitious project to integrate a state-of-the-art gym within its new sports hall. This initiative aimed to bridge the gap between urban and community school facilities, offering students the same quality of fitness experiences found in metropolitan areas.

Our involvement kicked off at an opportune moment, just as the school was planning to develop a fully enclosed sports hall. This timing allowed us to contribute not just as suppliers, but as partners in designing a space that truly reflects the school's goals for its physical education and sports programs while understanding of the school's fitness objectives. We supplied a wide range of equipment tailored to the school's needs, including durable VersaFit Rubber Flooring, the dynamic AssaultFitness AssaultBike Classic, and the versatile Force USA Functional Trainer. This selection ensures that whether it's for PE classes, certificate courses in sports and recreation, or before-school activities, students have access to the best tools for their wellness journeys.

One of the highlights of this project was leveraging our 3D design technology to bring the vision of the gym to life before any physical work began. This facilitated a more efficient equipment selection process and served to excite and engage the school community, setting the stage for a highly anticipated launch.

This gym is not just another school fitness facility; it's a commitment to student well-being, a catalyst for community engagement, and a testament to the power of innovative partnerships. We're proud to be part of St. George State High School's journey towards fostering a culture of health, fitness, and inclusivity.