Group of focused athletes preparing for high-intensity interval training with Assault Fitness equipment against a vibrant orange backdrop with motivational 'Are You Ready?' text, highlighting endurance and stamina workouts.


Welcome to Gym and Fitness, your exclusive Australian home for Assault Fitness' unparalleled quality and performance. For many years, we've proudly been the sole distributor of their innovative fitness solutions, bringing professional-grade equipment directly to you. Assault Fitness is renowned for setting the standard in fitness technology, crafting gear that's not just designed for excellence but built to meet the rigorous demands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Join us in experiencing the pinnacle of workout innovation, trusted by professionals worldwide and available exclusively through Gym and Fitness.

Low maintenance and superior quality, these bikes empower your workouts, letting you unlock unlimited calorie-burning potential.

Enjoy a smooth, seamless ride, all while benefiting from a design that tucks away easily after your workout.

Designed for those who are serious about their fitness goals, these machines challenge you to push your limits at every step.

“The AssaultRunner Pro is absolutely great on my joints and it's a much better workout than a regular treadmill. Being able to change to pace on the fly is also amazing. As someone who hates running outside I'll never go back!”

  • Robert Whittaker
  • #2 UFC Middleweight Champion

“After using all the options that are out there and available... I think the best non-motorised treadmill, the best value and the best one for most people is the AssaultRunner Pro”

  • Coop Mitchell
  • Garage Gym Reviews

“There's no effort level you can hit that the bike can't match, so the calorie-burn potential is nearly unlimited”

  • Ian Armond
  • VP Xponential Fitness

“The AssaultRunner Pro is the best treadmill I have run on. Technically the AssaultRunner Pro trains proper sprinting mechanics without the added forces associated with running on a track. This combination allows me to train specifically without leaving my legs feeling heavy for my next session.”

  • Alex Beck
  • 400m Olympic Runner

“Assault Fitness has just been such a game-changer as an active family... I'm just so grateful for it”

  • Bethany Hamilton
  • Surfer & Motavational Speaker

“I’ve seen the most beginner level athletes hop on the AssaultRunner, and it puts them immediately in proper running form.”

  • Chris Hinshaw
  • Endurance Coach / Ironman Competitor