Incline Bench Press Machine

The Incline Bench Press Machine is an essential gym equipment. It basically functions as any of the two other types of bench press machines, only that it puts all the work into the chest muscles instead of spreading it to the biceps and/or triceps.

Incline Bench Press Machines bulks up the chest more than the Decline and Flat Bench Press Machines, though it still indirectly involves the triceps and shoulders, this machine targets the chest muscles more than the other two variants. It specifically works out the upper portion of the chest.

Guidelines in performing Incline Bench Press:

  • Lie with your back flat on the inclined plane of the bench, position your hands outside of the shoulder’s range
  • Stick your shoulder blades by keeping them together and making them embrace the bench
  • Take deep breaths every pump and have your spotter assist you with every lift so that you can retain the form of your shoulders and upper extremities
  • Have the weight stay up there for a while and remember to always maintain form to get the maximum benefits out of this workout
  • While bringing the bar down remember to do it in a slow manner while unlocking the elbows and always inhale to prepare for the next lift off
  • Lower the bar positioned directly above your sternum until it lightly touches the chest
  • When elevating the bar up always keep your form and posture in check
  • For better stability, always maintain the straight line while lifting up the bar, anchor your feet to the ground, and let your leg balance your body and extend the elbows slowly
  • Add in weight to bulk up muscles or increase repetitions for more body trimming

When doing bench presses always remember to put form and technique first before anything else, it won’t matter how heavy the weight you lift if it doesn’t hit the target muscle groups properly.