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How To Make Fitness A Lasting Habit

How to make fitness a lasting habit

How long does it take to create a lasting habit? Well, opinion seems to be divided, with some saying that it could be as little as 18 to 21 days, while one study conducted by the University College London (UCL) concluded that 66 is the magic number. In any case, the key to creating a habit is perseverance, especially when it comes to good fitness habits

So, if your goal is to get fit, then creating good fitness habits is critical. But how exactly does one go about doing so? This blog will delve deeper into some of the top tips and tricks to creating long-lasting fitness habits. 

Set a goal

To begin with, be realistic. Don't set goals that are unachievable and based on what professional athletes are doing. This will just make you lose heart and go back to your old ways.

Make it fun 

Next, figure out what type of regime will work for you, bearing in mind your circumstances, general fitness level and preference. You need to make it as enjoyable as possible, so don't choose a particular workout or exercise if it just feels like hard work from the outset. Remember, there will be days when everything seems more difficult than usual, and you need to survive those times without falling off the wagon. It makes sense, therefore, to have a routine that you enjoy in every case.

Fun Fitness

Create balance

As you know, you do need to push yourself if you want to make any progress with your healthy fitness habits. It's essential to find that fine line and be careful not to overdo it. 

At the end of every session, you should certainly feel as if you've worked hard, but you should never feel exhausted. If you do, it may take you longer to recover. This may interrupt your all-important schedule and may do nothing to help you lock in that habit.

Be consistent

Try to work out at the same time and day every week, without fail. Again, be sensible, set your schedule in advance and be sure you can meet your obligations on the vast majority of days. Yes, something may come up, and you may need to miss a session here or there, but you'll have a better chance of locking that habit if you have a routine.

Keep your life scheduled

You may need to alter your regular daily schedule to accommodate fitness habits to improve your health. Fitness habits often include adjusting your sleep schedule, as this will help you recover and gain muscle. If necessary, set aside half an hour during the day for a nap so you can maintain your energy. 

Fitness schedule for a long lasting habit

Use a fitness device or app

With so many wearable smart devices to choose from, you should think about investing in something like a fitness watch to help you track your good fitness habits. You can set reminders or alerts and monitor your sleeping pattern to make any adjustments where needed. You can also view important health metrics such as your resting heart rate, which should creep down gradually as you continue with your exercise schedule. 

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Set boundaries  

Unfortunately, distractions are all around. Some of your friends may want you to attend a party or social gathering every weekend, which may conflict with your exercise schedule. It's tough to stay out late and still have the energy or motivation to work out the following day. 

This doesn't mean that you need to ditch your social life altogether. Plan carefully and be sensible so you can achieve a balance and remain on track.

Find a gym buddy 

It might help if you align your goals with another person’s. In an ideal world, this should be somebody who has the same aspirations and approach to general health. You'll be able to feed off their motivation as well as help them progress. It’s also essential to make sure that your schedules align properly. This will not only be motivating, but you're far less likely to miss a scheduled workout when somebody is holding you accountable, which will help you stick to your habit and fitness goal. However, be careful to choose somebody who will keep up and push you in your journey. 

If you have set up a space with the best fitness equipment, invite your workout buddy to join you. You both may find this better than heading to a public gym where you may have to wait your turn for specific pieces of equipment. 

Gym Buddy

Track your progress  

Keep a log of everything that you do and make sure it's visible. Whether you use a wall chart or set up an app on your phone that shows each workout session over the coming weeks and months, this will clearly show how your healthy fitness habits are progressing. 

Make sure you regularly update your tracking system, especially when you're having a challenging day. Looking back at the beginning of your journey will inspire you to keep going to reach those fitness goals.

Set up your home gym 

Recent factors caused by the pandemic have caused us to stop training at the gym, and instead, many of us have opted to train at home. If this seems the best approach for you, make sure you get the right fitness equipment and talk to the experts first. 

At Gym and Fitness, we have a wide range of equipment you're likely to need at home. Our knowledgeable staff can recommend some fitness habits to improve your overall health, too. So shop online and buy our strength training or recovery equipment from Gym and Fitness today.

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