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How To Maintain Your Gains During Quarantine

Does quarantine feel as if it's going on and on, with no end in sight? Some Australians have been more affected than others, but few have been able to get away without this unbelievable imposition on their lives. It's particularly upsetting when you're used to working out regularly in a commercial gym and have made some good gains up until this point. The worst part is, it feels like there’s nothing we can do about it.

If you find yourself in this position and are afraid that you're going to lose momentum, lose muscle mass or put on weight, don’t lose hope — there are ways to maintain lose gym gains even in lockdown. In this blog, we will discuss some of the tips and tricks for maintaining weight, losing fat and gaining muscle from home during quarantine.

The dreaded catabolism

As you probably know, you need to stick to an excellent overall fitness regimen if you want to maintain weight, lose fat and gain muscle. If you don't, for whatever reason, you may encounter the dreaded state of catabolism.

If your body enters a catabolic state for a lengthy period, you may lose a significant amount of muscle mass. Catabolism means that the complex molecules within your body will break down into much smaller ones and degrade muscle tissue. You will not only lose definition, but you may set yourself up for health problems down the road as well.

People who have entered a catabolic state due to inaction tend to experience increased fatigue. Their immune system may be affected, and they often notice more bloating or as specific organs within the body struggle to keep up.

How to maintain your weight gain

If you're unable to maintain your regular training routine due to quarantine or lockdown, the best thing to do is to focus on your nutrition plan and know how to maintain your weight gain. Here’s what we recommend:

Stick to healthy eating

Don't be tempted to fall off the nutrition wagon simply because you're not working out according to your usual schedule. Some people who have to stop exercising cave in and spend most of their day sitting in front of the television. Don’t lose track of your schedule and order takeaway or fast food, even though it’s much easier to do. 

Shop for healthy groceries

Understandably, you may not be so keen, or able, to go to your local supermarket due to the pandemic. And ordering food online seems so much easier. However, the truth is that takeaway food is almost inevitably processed and of lower quality. So, try your best to get out of the house and shop at your local supermarket or get your groceries delivered.

Eat with regularity

Make sure you eat a substantial meal every three or four hours. You need to digest a good amount of protein, together with the recommended number of carbs and fat for your body type and fitness goals.

Consider supplements

Ensure you get all of your micronutrients, minerals and vitamins to support the proper functioning of your metabolism. You may need to take a multimineral or multivitamin supplement as well to be sure you're hitting your targets.

Drink water

Water is essential and even more so now, as you'll be relatively inactive. It helps to get rid of waste products and transport any healthy nutrients throughout the body.

Learn to cook

Many people say that they are bored during quarantine and find it difficult to pass the time. However, in your situation, you can use this to your advantage by learning how to cook new recipes and devoting a lot of your available time to food preparation. If you do this, you'll be less likely to eat junk or comfort foods, which will help you avoid gaining fat.

Stay off the alcohol

Due to the general uncertainty, many people are turning to alcohol to help them cope. Again, it is readily available and relatively easy to get, but it won't do anything for your waistline, general appearance or overall mood. Indeed, an alcoholic drink is okay on occasion, but you should limit it to just a couple of units per week, if possible.

Protein intake

Focus on your protein intake as much as possible during quarantine. This will help you maintain your muscle mass and repair any damaged tissue if you get the chance to work out at home. Consuming the right amount of protein will give you the amino acids necessary to protect your existing muscle state. This can help you achieve anabolism rather than catabolism.

When working out, a bodybuilder usually needs to consume about 2 g of protein per kilo of body weight, and you shouldn't be too far behind that goal during quarantine. If you find it hard to rustle up the correct number of meals on a given day, you can always opt for protein supplements as they are easy to consume and very digestible.

Otherwise, focus on the staples like fish, lean poultry, eggs, good cuts of meat and dairy. Remember that legumes, nuts and beans all contain protein as well. There's no shortage of food, and food distribution is a priority industry, so you should be able to get all of this delivered to your door even if you can't get to the supermarket for whatever reason.

Eating carbohydrates and fat

While protein should be your primary focus, carbohydrates will also fill you with healthy nutrients and give you the energy you need. You should also eat wild fish, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, walnuts and other sources of healthy fats. Don’t forget to eat your recommended daily amount of wholesome vegetables and fruits.

An alternative plan

If you were going to your local gym before lockdown, then you may need to make alternative arrangements to maintain your weight gain at home. In this case, think about setting up a home gym complete with all the necessary equipment you need to get back on track. 

Setting up a home gym to maintain your gains

Gym and Fitness is a great place to start. We have an extensive array of fitness equipment for those who choose to work out at home to maintain weight, lose fat and gain muscle. Buy all of your strength training equipment from Gym and Fitness today.

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