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8 Ways To Spot A Bad Personal Trainer

Whether you are a gym owner or simply looking to use a personal trainer to improve your fitness, it’s important to be able to identify a bad personal trainer from a good one. This article we’re going to talk about the 8 most common signs that you need to take action immediately. Let’s get right to it.

#1: They talk a good game but…

Really have no clue how to actually work out? Maybe it works for them, but are they really capable of showing and teaching someone how to be effective in the weight room? It’s one thing to talk someone into training sessions or supplements, but another thing altogether to show beginners how to put them to good use. Trainers have to walk the walk as well.

#2: They talk more about sales than their clients’ results.

The more your trainers care about results, the better they’ll represent your gym or club. It’s not about becoming a fitness-psychologist or therapist, or a shoulder to lean on, but rather about really caring that people get healthier. Trainers need to get paid, yes. Trainers need to help bring the sales numbers to where they need to be. But, their frame of mind and attitude towards your members should be genuine rather than just a search for more money.

#3: They’re hurting their unconditioned clients.

Inexperienced trainers try to unload way too much on otherwise unconditioned people. It can be disastrous. These poor folks could end up passing out, throwing up or be extremely sore for days on end. It’s not good. It reflects really badly on you as an owner and your trainer-lead. Beginners in working out need to tread softly and ease into it in order to help their bodies adjust and adapt.

#4: Their eyes constantly wander during training sessions.

Trainers need to be fully devoted to their clients during sessions. Nothing else matters. Of course, they need to accommodate other members who may intrude, but otherwise, they need to be coaching, pushing and guiding their clients. Your members are watching. Your trainers are like gym-superstars and always being studied…especially while working out with someone.

#5: They have their phone on them at any time on the floor.

At no time should trainers be on their phones while on the floor, teaching a class or during a session. It’s completely unacceptable unless they are sharing relevant and helpful content with their clients.

#6: They couldn’t care less about effective warm-ups.

A short little walk on a treadmill isn’t a warm-up. For safety reasons, all clients should undergo a proper warm-up that gets their muscles, cardiovascular system, joints, ligaments and other soft tissue prepared.

#7: They don’t do any writing or note-taking.

If all they’re doing is barking orders and counting reps they’re not doing their jobs. They need to be taking notes for their clients so they can learn how to keep track of their workouts and practice progressive overload.

#8: They fail to create custom workouts for their clients.

This is the mark of a good trainer: someone who listens to the unique needs of their clients and then creates customized and personalized workouts that suit or focus on those needs. Inexperienced trainers, or trainers who don’t take their occupation seriously, will just create a small set of generic workouts and then put all their clients through the same exact thing.


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