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5 Awesome Tools To Market Your Gym Business and Get Results!

You’ve bent over backwards to create one of the best gyms in the Milky Way galaxy, but now it’s time to tackle the modern marketing monster. No worries. We got you covered. Honestly, the 5 tools in this article are going to show you results within a matter of months that’ll get hordes of sweat-ready bodies in the front door. Let’s get to’em!

#1: Localised Online Paid Advertising

Here’s the deal, investing in Pay-Per-Click advertising, and paid online advertising in search engines is a great idea. But, if you don’t know how to effectively do this yourself then you need to outsource it to a professional that does. You take your advertising investment, combine it with what you’re paying your campaign manager and that right there is your online marketing budget!

They need to make sure you’re showing up in local searches in your area. If someone is looking for a gym business like yours in your area you need to be in those search results. Now, if you live in a huge city and the cost of local “keywords” are too high, then move on to #2 which is a less costly approach.

#2: Online Content Marketing

Your gym business should have a proper website these days. Honestly. It’s 2014 people. Then, that website can become a source of valuable content that your ideal customers are searching for. Here’s the 3-step gist of how it works.

  • Step 1: Create an ideal client persona. Who are they? How much do they make? What are their fitness-related goals? Be as specific and in-depth as you like. It really does help.
  • Step 2: You use this ideal client persona to build a content marketing campaign around with the voice, style and tone they would adore.
  • Step 3: You create ebooks, blogs & web articles, tutorials, photos, videos, brochures, and on and on to expand your presence online and offline.

If you’re resourceful you can create tons of content with something as simple as a smartphone for photographs and short video-tips. If you aren’t a writer, then outsource a blog writer to help get you started. The sky’s the limit!

#3: Email Campaigns

Everyone that walks through your front doors and decides to work with your fitness business should give you their email. Combined with those that give you their email on your website, this list is an incredibly valuable tool. You can send people coupons and free guest passes. You can invite them to local events. See the potential here?

#4: Create an App!

No, we’re not kidding. The first question is typical, “Okay, but what would my app do?” That’s a good question. The answer can be quite an eye-opener. Maybe it could help them stay in touch with your trainers. Maybe it could help keep them accountable to your own branded meal plans. Maybe it could send them workouts and exercise tips that are specific to their particular needs. How many other fitness businesses do you know of that integrate apps into their marketing structure and user-experience?

#5: Make Some Kick-Ass t-Shirts

Right, there’s plenty of fitness businesses that print of cheap little t-shirts or they print up more expensive and gaudy ones that they then try to sell to their clients. The goal here is to get the most out of design. Hire an actual graphic artist to create a couple of t-shirts with your brand identity on them that make the shirts…COOL! Be innovative. Make it a shirt people will actually want to wear.

Branding your business and marketing these days can be really fun and exciting because of how many tools and options you have. The days of want-ads and phone book ads are long gone. Modernise your approach and reap the rewards!

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