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The Adventurous Melinda Bingley Is Our Personal Trainer Of The Day

Adventurous and full of passion Melinda Bingley of MAB Personal Training (http://www.mabpersonaltraining.com.au/), is our Personal Trainer Of The Day. Owner of her own personal training center, Melinda aims to make fitness fun and incorporate a little bit of adventure to it. Read her full interview below and find our her awesome tips these coming holidays.


Tell us your story, who are you and how did you start in the health and fitness industry?

I am the proud owner of MAB Personal Training & Adventures. MAB is all about making fitness fun and adventurous, and helping people find their strength and confidence within. MAB stands for Mind and Body, and My mission is also to focus deeper than just the body – challenging people’s minds. MAB offers different training options, including private gym studio sessions, bootcamps and outdoor mountain/kayak adventures.

I love life, love helping and inspiring people, love adventure and strongly believes if you want something enough you can have anything your heart desires – all you need is a big enough reason why, a plan and most of all, action. When I am not working on my business, I am outdoors doing some kind of fun, soul awakening adventure – like trekking the world famous Everest Base Camp, walking 900 kilometres from France to Spain, trekking through the snow in cold New Zealand or showing my respect to all Australians by doing the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea. Speaking of adventure, I am off to Canada for New Years and my Birthday and my next Big adventure is Mount Kilimanjaro.

I have always lived an active life and it was 7 years ago when I stumbled across personal training, little did I know it was my passion, my purpose, I love what I do!

What were some of the biggest mistakes you made when starting out in this industry?

I don’t believe in mistakes, everything is exactly how it should be, though if I was going do anything differently it would be not taking on any client, it is really important to sticking to your target market.

What is the most absurd excuse you heard from a client and how did you respond to it?

Client: I just got a spray tan and can’t train.

Me: Are you kidding, you are going to look better in the dress training, than faking it with a tan!

What makes your gym/fitness center different from others?

MAB team is what makes it different – the energy, you can’t see it, you can feel it. We make fitness fun.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

Chocolate Cheesecake, just writing it makes my mouth water

What are some of your tips these coming holidays?

MAB Tips To Live A Happy Fun Healthy Active Loving Adventurous Life

  • Get outside in Nature
  • Breathe in beauty
  • Be grateful
  • Do everything from a place of LOVE
  • Be present
  • Choose happiness
  • Dream Big
  • Live Big
  • Love Big
  • Do lots of Starjumps, cause life is
    worth celebrating

What are your goals or plans this coming 2015?

MAB goals is to expand, help more people, get our message out globally, my personal vision is to see people living happy, healthy, active, fun adventurous life, I believe be the change to create the change, so more adventure for me with the team, we have New Zealand, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mtn Warning on the list plus the MAB 10 week challenge, lots of fun 30 day adventure challenges and so much awesomeness. Oh did I mention MAB Adventure wear…

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