Busting 5 Weight Loss Myths

How many fitness tips and info you’ve read via the internet and innocently believed them? You kept it in your mind and even shared it to your fellow gymbuddies. Today’s post is all about busting 5 weight loss myths almost everyone knows.

1. Fitness Magazine debunked that drinking water will help you lose weight. What drinking water does is increase your bathroom time making you too busy to think of chomping something, but that’s just it.

2. Women and men need different exercises. Forbes ridicule the thought that women should have a different exercise than men, thus the former focus on gluts and legs, while the latter focus on abs, chest, and arms. Bottom line is, we all have the same body structure with different hormone levels but that doesn’t mean the workout should be gender based.

3. Swimming does not really help in losing weight. Even you swim for hours or days, the amount of weight you’ll lose is not that much as what you think. “Because the buoyancy of the water is supporting your body, you’re not working as hard as it would if, say, you were moving on your own steam — like you do when you run,” WebMD explained.

4. Bodybuilding.com answered a hard “no” to the question, is a protein bar a good substitute for a meal?One protein bar requires little amounts of calories to digest, they are recommended as a “treat and not as a complete replacement of a meal.

5. You don’t have to feel pain (the feeling of almost passing out) to see results says CNN. You may want to focus more on doing smart exercises rather than harder ones, one personal trainer continued “You don’t have to kill yourself. You just have to be smart about it.”


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