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Burpee 101 by Aaron Whitten

The burpee or squat thrust exercise is an excellent movement and has a number of benefits ranging from cardio to muscular depending on the variation that you use.

Here are some basic burpee movements:

The Basic Burpee

The burpee, in its simplest form, is performed from a push-up position, drawing the knees in quickly then stand up.


Burpee with Jump

That is the most basic variant, I’d like to add a little jump at the end.

Burpee with Push-up and Jump

The next variation would be to implement a push-up then jump at the end.


The Push-up – Row – Row Burpee

If you have equipment such as dumbbells you can further intensify the motion by adding a row to the movement. So it will be, push-up – row – row – stand.


The Push-up – Row – Row – Shoulder Press Burpee

Next one is by adding a shoulder press to the push-up. It will be push-up – row – row – stand – shoulder press and down.


#Fail Burpee

Some common mistakes while doing burpee would be allowing the knees to travel outside the arms, that is commonly seen on heavier individuals, so you’re losing a lot of emphasis on the lower abdominals.

Make sure to keep your knees pulled in tight, keep a nice rhythmic format to the motion.

The burpee can be used as a warm-up, as a purely cardiovascular motion. I like to use it as active rest in between other sets, so you’re not just sitting around. The most intense variation would be to implement a full squat in addition to the push-up – row – row – shoulder press.

The Push-up – Row – Row – Squat – Shoulder Press Burpee

So that is the burpee exercise which is an excellent movement and can be done with little or no equipment. It is a great conditioning tool, good for the lower abs and good for the heart. When used with dumbbells we are also getting the chest, back, shoulder, even a little bit of squat emphasis there.

Those are some variations of a burpee. Get to it!

Watch the full video here.

This post is demonstrated by Aaron Whitten. Aaron Whitten has been a certified trainer for over twenty years and has trained in countless facilities. He knows how to train and eat efficiently himself, having balanced the demands of competitive bodybuilding while completing medical school.

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