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8 Tips For Workout Laziness Syndrome

Remember how passionate and determined you are when you decided to finally get a gym subscription? You also sought the help of a personal trainer and attended spin classes. It cost you money but you didn’t care, you want to be stronger and fitter. Then come that time you skipped one training because you felt trapped on your bed, then make that two, then three days. Soon you realize you’ll exchange even the most nonsense reason to skip your training. This is what you call the Workout Laziness Syndrome, it’s completely normal and here are some tips to get over this:

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1. Create your very own motivational board where you can freely pin, basically, anything that will motivate you in a significant way. It can be an old shirt that fits you before, or your ticket to grand summer vacation, or perhaps a photo of you and your college friends to remind you of next month’s reunion. Have fun and be creative!


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2. Going to the gym is not something everyone’s excited about, even the slightest and the most absurd excuse is being used to skip a day of training. So even a fresh and an up-to-date playlist can make a difference. With the right songs, music increases your endurance and tolerance to pain.


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3. Preparing your things the night before, not only makes your morning more organised, it also makes your 6 am training a sure-shot happening. Wake-up, change in your workout clothes, grab your bag, and get on with it. Create a checklist to make sure you got everything inside your bag, how awfully upsetting it is to know that you forgot something back home halfway to the gym.


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4. If you are that desperate in committing to your exercise routine, it is highly suggested that you sleep in your gym clothes. So the only thing you need to do is wake up. That’s it and you’re good to go. Although the next tip will come in handy speaking of waking up.


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5. Set multiple alarms. Sounds easy to wave off the annoying ring but try to place them somewhere you have to stand up and walk a couple of steps. Perhaps outside your door? In the bathroom? This is pretty extreme and it might make your morning hell, but at least you woke up. Isn’t that the point of doing all this?


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6. One of the easiest to say but the hardest tip to do, sleeping early. Having enough sleep makes waking up breezy easy. Try going to bed 15-30 minutes ahead of your ideal sleeping time, read a book, basically tire your eyes. Getting not enough sleep decreases your chances of attending your 7 am spin class in half.


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7. Make a deal with your gym buddies, like for example, you’ll pay cash each and every time you skip a day of training. For a deal not involving money, how about 20 sets of burpee on top of your daily burpees?


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8. Aside from your long term goal, try to cut your goals into weekly ones. The most important thing when formulating your goals is to make them realistic. Losing 20 pounds in a week is unrealistic as well as unhealthy. The point of weekly goals is like giving yourself a pat on the back to remind you that there’s still a long way to go, but you’re a step closer from achieving it. Dramatic, but this will boost your self-morale in a significant way.


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