5 Ways To Sell More Gym Fitness Memberships

At the end of the day your fitness business doesn’t work without the numbers. And you know which numbers we’re talking about: memberships! The amount of people that identify with your club/brand the more successful you are and the quicker you’ll find yourself expanding. In this article we’re going to look at 5 ways you can begin increasing your membership numbers like right freaking now! And with that said, let’s begin.

#1: Maintain a Proper Social Media Presence

Social media is where it’s at! But, how many fitness club owners understand it and know how to effectively market a business within web culture? If that’s you then outsource it! You can hire a social media manager, a social media content strategist on sites like oDesk-Elance or work with any number social media marketing (SMM) agencies online.

You can begin to use your club and your members/trainers to create all the web content you’ll ever need: photos, contests, video, etc. Then it’s a matter of getting it out there and circulating on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Just ask yourself, “When people Google my fitness company’s name, what do they see and experience?”

#2: Create a Marketing Campaign that Involves Your Audience

The magic happens when you start getting busy in your local community. Start giving back. Start putting on events and don’t charge people a dime. Don’t start handing out business cards and brochures. Don’t do literally anything sales-related. Just give. Provide value to people for absolutely nothing.

The key is getting your ideal audience involved. Get your trainer team to start jogging around in a big group with their branded shirts on. Put on free weekend boot camps in a local neighborhood. Get involved with high schools and local businesses that need their employees to be healthier. Yes, it costs money to do this stuff but the ROI is incredible!

#3: Kick Your Class Schedule Up a Notch

The trends do not lie and classes are a big deal to people. It’s the same way all over the world, whether you look at the Middle East, Europe, Australia or America. How many types of classes are there these days? TONS! Zumba, Metabolic conditioning, other dance-type classes, cycling, Yoga, Pilates, kick boxing, MMA-style, and on and on. Be innovative. You could create the next trend-setting fitness class!

#4: Invest More in Your Personal Trainers

The clubs that do the best and are the most successful have the lowest trainer turnover. The people that work in their gym feel proud, feel privileged and take it very seriously. These trainers understand the value of customer service.

Now, at the end of the day your trainers should be getting paid well, and receiving commission on their sales numbers for training sessions and supplements. Don’t create a pay or commission reward scale that makes sales the prime directive. Take care of your trainers, treat them well and they’ll do the same for your members.

#5: Develop Your Brand

Your brand is the sum total, the end all be all. If combined your web presence with your presence locally that’s your brand. If you need more members, start there. Develop your brand so that people want to be a part of it. They want to identify with it on a personal level. They’re proud to tell people where they get their pump on. Optimise and continue to shroud your brand identity with value and you’ll go far!

There’s many other ways, but these days this core 5 are going to produce the biggest results. Modernise. Innovate. Develop your brand and develop ways to integrate it into your local community and online. Cheers!

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