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3 Arm Workouts You Should Definitely Give A Try

Aside from having a six-pack or a well-defined chest area, another thing men desire to have is getting a pair of loaded guns. Now don’t take that too literally, what I really meant by that was having a massive set of well-toned strong arms!

Some trivia about the link between guns and arms. There is actually a theory that tells the origin of these two words’ connection. It is a very complex logical formula so please do try your best to follow me on this. Guns are considered as weaponry, weaponry is also called arms. Therefore, guns equal arms, and by that, we can then conclude that these two words mean the same. Okay. So maybe it wasn’t as complex as Einstein’s formula but still, it is a bit hard to follow right? Anyway, let’s move on to the most epic arm workouts found on the web.

Mass Building

Want bigger guns? Trade-in that pistol for a tank! Just follow Mike Chang’s massive arm workout routine below and you’ll be saying hello to your new pair of massively hulking arms in no time!


Uninterested with super-sized arms? Well lucky for you we found this crazy arm workout by Matt Mayberry. Matt also writes great material on his blog. Check them out if you want to have a good read.

Increasing Strength

The first two doesn’t interest you at all? Well, then I’m guessing you’re a “Function over Figure” kind of guy. Here’s a hardcore arm workout by Matt Mills of for all you powerlifters out there who wants to attain supreme strength.

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