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How to Prevent Knee Injuries During Your Workouts

People who work out know the benefits of exercise. However, injury, including injuries to the knee, is always a risk, especially if the workout is done improperly. The knee is a complex bit of machinery that’s put under a great deal of stress simply from day to day living, especially if the person is obese or out of shape. Here are some ways to prevent knee injuries during workouts:


Balance is the Key

The knees should be aligned with the feet if the exercise involves bending, like lunges or squats. If the knees are too far forward or too far backward they are going to be subject to an extra load of stress. The exerciser should make sure that her knees and feet are in a straight line whenever she works out.

Wear Good, Sturdy Shoes

People can be a bit strange when it comes to shoes, and too many will choose looks over a shoe that really supports their feet. People shouldn’t exercise in their everyday shoes but should wear athletic shoes that will give them lots of support. Some of these shoes are pricey, but if people have no trouble splurging on designer stiletto heels, they should have no problem spending a little extra on really good athletic shoes.

Warm-Up Before Exercising

Leaping into exercise without warming up first is unwise. The exerciser should make sure to warm up their legs and stretch before doing any sort of exercise. This will significantly cut down on the risk of injuring the knees.

Strengthen the Thigh Muscles

Strengthening exercises like “quad sets” will strengthen the thighs and the pelvis, which will take much of the stress off of the knees.

Don’t Overdo It

People shouldn’t push themselves beyond their endurance, including indulging in exercises that put them at increased risk for hurting the knees. People who already have bad knees might take on gentler workouts, like yoga.


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