Kettlebell Storage

Starting to get hooked with using kettlebells? Sooner or later, you’ll be swamped with kettlebells on the floor. Organize them now with our Kettlebell Storage racks, they are surely durable, save yourself from tripping on lying kettlebells and save space in your gym, you’ll surely love having them as early as possible.


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Storing your kettlebells

There are a lot of options in storing your kettlebells, here are some tips on keeping them safely and properly. Usually, for beginners, one or two kettlebells are enough for their workout regimen, so there wouldn’t be any need to dive in to expensive storage just yet, your floor would suffice to keep them just yet.

For advanced users, here would be the best guide on what to buy for your lovely kettlebells, pulling the trigger on the largest one wouldn’t always be the best solution because it would just end up wasting more space than you intend to save.

Below are the levels of storage you need for multiple kettlebells:

Single Rack

The Single Rack, despite its name, can already store a variety of kettlebells, they are usually made to be super wide to hold as much as they can. Usually stores 6-8 kettlebells, the perfect choice for those that are starting out as an athlete

2nd Tier Rack

The 2nd Tier Rack, usually measures 100-200cm wide, this two-layer rack houses from 3 up to 6 kettlebells per level. It is the most suggested variant for those that are hugely dependent on their kettlebell workouts, this would help them organize their kettlebells better to raise efficiency during workout.

3 Tier Rack

The 3 Tier Rack, this is advisable for multiple users that use multiple kettlebells, usually the male user has different weight level needs than that of the female, therefore, you’ll need a lot of space to keep them, hence, the 3 Tier Rack. Keep in mind that the number of kettlebells are not the only determining factor when choosing a kettlebell storage, heavyweight kettlebells also consume more storage space.