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Leg Machines

Leg Machines

Leg Press Machines are designed to build up lower body (leg) strength. There are two types of Leg Machines.

The horizontal leg machine is the easiest system since the user is usually prone or supine on the machine which is parallel to the ground. The vertical leg machines provides a more intense workout since the legs have to lift the weights straight up.

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One of the hardest and often skipped exercises are the ones involving the legs. Building and shaping your legs takes time and the burn on your quads and hamstrings are the worst! Sometimes, as simple as standing or walking is difficult after a leg day. We have various leg machines, from simple bench-like equipment to big bulky contraptions.

You may be asking, why do you need to workout your legs? Why not just focus on your upper body as this area is very easy to bulk up and you can see results faster compared to your lower body which takes months and months of training? Well, aside from the aesthetic purpose of having a symmetrical body, it is highly recommended to strengthen your legs as well; because no matter how strong your arms or your shoulders, if your legs are weak, then you’re not getting stronger and functional at all. Do not skip leg day. No matter how boring it is to build your quads, do not skip it. Your hard work will be worth it once you see those sculpted leg muscles.

Tips and ways to use a leg machine

We have loads of leg machines with varying designs and purposes, but one of the most used equipment to target the lower body is the leg extension. To start using this machine you need to first adjust the weight. Test it out by placing your feet underneath the leg rest. Make sure that it’s just the right weight and it’s not too heavy nor too light. Then position your shin on the rest, again, adjust accordingly. Proper position and posture is very important on any exercise.

To perform the movement, which is a very easy one, place your back against the seat and slowly extend your legs slowly focusing the burn on your quads muscle. Keep your back against the seat to ensure proper alignment all throughout the exercise. Another tip is to do the leg extension in a slow pace and not overextending it. When doing the exercise, practice your breathing pattern. Exhale when you extend then inhale as you flex your legs back. You don’t want to hold you breath as this will affect your endurance and will tire you easily.

If you’re a newbie, do at least five sets on this machine with 10-15 reps or as much as you can. High repetition rate is an effective approach to tone and shape your quads.

Do you have any questions about our leg machines? Hit the Q&A section and ask away. We will try to respond as soon as we have the best answer to your queries.