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Cable crossover machines provide strength building exercises by means of progressive resistance accomplished via pulleys.

Cable crossovers target muscle contraction and are often performed toward the end of a workout. The primary focus is to strengthen and sculpt the pectoral muscles. Shoulder muscles are also worked via this machine.

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Cable crossovers are without a doubt the most versatile piece of equipment you'll ever find in a fitness center or home gym. You can work your back, arms, legs, shoulder and not to mention you chest area. You name it. This machine will help you perform any exercise on every muscle group you can possibly imagine.

Crossovers use cables and pulleys as a simple mechanism for progressive resistance. The big difference between doing an exercise with these machines and performing them with free weight equipment is the safety each of them supplies. There is no doubt that crossovers are much safer than free weights since the weight load that you are lifting are in a contained space using a crossover. While ,on the other hand, when using free weights you'll be using your bare hands to lift and carry the weights. Another great feature of crossovers is enabling you to do unilateral exercise. An example of a unilateral exercise is when you perform concentration curls using a dumbbell. When performing this exercise, you fulfil a set on one arm first before proceeding with the other. With this method of training, you can stabilise your strength imbalances and strengthen your less dominant muscle groups.

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