Push Band 2.0 with Nexus Arm Sleeve
Push Band 2.0 with Nexus Arm Sleeve
Push Band 2.0 with Nexus Arm Sleeve
Push Band 2.0 with Nexus Arm Sleeve

Push Band 2.0 with Nexus Arm Sleeve

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Small Strap / Small Sleeve / Black $419.00
Small Strap / Small Sleeve / Grey $419.00
Small Strap / Medium Sleeve / Black $419.00
Small Strap / Medium Sleeve / Grey $419.00
Small Strap / Large Sleeve / Black $419.00
Small Strap / Large Sleeve / Grey $419.00
Large Strap / Small Sleeve / Black $419.00
Large Strap / Small Sleeve / Grey $419.00
Large Strap / Medium Sleeve / Black $419.00
Large Strap / Medium Sleeve / Grey $419.00
Large Strap / Large Sleeve / Black $419.00
Large Strap / Large Sleeve / Grey $419.00
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With every product you purchase, GAF will help a child improve their health by supporting

Exceed your goals and improve your fitness with world-leading wearable technology.

The worlds of running and cycling have long had tools to monitor their performance. As someone who trains CrossFit, a stopwatch and whiteboard tells your time, but not how to improve it. Heart Rate sensors provide insight into your internal systems, but not your external output. NEXUS collects similar fundamental data that athletes in other sports use to improve performance. This wearable technology tracks your body's movement in space to measure your external output. Then, using machine learning algorithms, NEXUS is able to break down your movement and provide meaningful insight into where you can improve.


  • Designed to pair with the Nexus mobile app, the Nexus Push Band uses AI to track, analyse and deliver personalised insights from your data
  • 40 built-in movements (and growing)
  • Inbuilt Gyroscope and Accelerometer tracks your movement in space (work rate, power, round splits, cadence and work to rest ratio)


  • 1 PUSH Band 2.0
  • 1 Arm Strap
  • 1 NEXUS Launch Compression Sleeve


Arm Strap Sizing (from the widest part of the forearm, near your elbow):

  • Small Arm Strap (9-12 in / 22-30 cm)
  • Large Arm Strap (11.5-17.5 in / 29-44 cm)

NEXUS Sleeve Sizing

  • Small: Bicep (9-11 in) Forearm (9-10.75 in)
  • Medium: Bicep (11-13 in) Forearm (10.25-12.75 in)
  • Large: Bicep (13-15 in) Forearm (11-13 in)

** If you are between sizes, choose the smaller size for compression and larger size for comfort.


  • iOS 9 devices and up
  • Bluetooth 4.1 and above
  • Does not support iPod 5

** Does not support Android

Additional Information

SKU KNX-001-BL-S-S, KNX-001-GR-S-S, KNX-001-BL-M-S, KNX-001-GR-M-S, KNX-001-BL-L-S, KNX-001-GR-L-S, KNX-001-BL-S-L, KNX-001-GR-S-L, KNX-001-BL-M-L, KNX-001-GR-M-L, KNX-001-BL-L-L, KNX-001-GR-L-L
Brand Push Design Solutions inc.


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