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Orbit Gravity Invertor

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Back pain is one of the most common physical complaints in the world. As we grow older and become less physically active our body shape changes as internal organs settle under the pull of gravity. As this happens it becomes more difficult for our heart and other internal organs to function efficiently. A regular programme of inversion helps to offset these effects of age.


Most Common Benefits of Inversion Therapy:

  • Decompress Discs - this has beneficial effects on thin, degenerating discs.
  • Counteract Effects of Gravity - reversing the compression that is accumulated during daily activities and assists in anti-aging processes.
  • Improves Circulation - by increasing the oxygenated blood supply to the brain, reducing mental fatigue and headaches.
  • Decongests Abdominal Organs - especially the soft, hollow digestive organs, stimulates bowel movement and relieves the kidneys, stomach and liver.
  • Improves Vision - by replenishing the eyes with nutrients through increased blood circulation.
  • Promotes Lymphatic Drainage - by stimulating the lymphatic flow. This increases drainage into the main thoracic duct that prevents toxic build-up and promotes a stronger immune system.
  • Stimulates Pituitary and Thyroid Glands - The pituitary gland is considered the master gland of the hormonal system, regulating the activities of all metabolic processes. By revitalising the pituitary gland, all other glands are under its control

Dimensions (LxWxH):   120cm x 72cm x 152cm

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Brand Orbit Fitness
estimated assembly time 30 min


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