Gym Equipment Installation


  • Are you too busy?
  • Do you hate using tools?
  • Do you want to start training right away?


  • GAF has partnered with a network of experienced service technicians around Australia
  • They can come to you, to ensure a professional installation.
  • We are currently testing in a few select areas, see below for overview on map. The areas are a rough guide, and the exact locations and confirmed if you can see install as an option on the checkout page.
  • Once you have placed your order, one of our friendly bookings assistants will be in touch and seamlessly guide you through the rest of the process.








After years of doing installs, we are aware of some of the problems that can occur and cause major delays. We want this to be as seamless as possible. Some of the questions we will ask include:

  • How far will equipment need to be moved from where delivery has been received to place of install?
  • Are there any stairs? If so, elaborate?
  • Are there any doorways? If so what is the height and width? (to ensure large items can fit through)
  • Is any rubber flooring expected to be laid?
    • This will only be covered for BASIC installation which invovle minimal cutting
    • Any complex install, curved wall, excess cuts will NOT be covered under quoted price and may cost additional
  • Are there any othe rspecial requirements?


  • An item I am buying has free install.... does that mean all my items are free install?
    • Occasionally we will run a free install promotion on a handul of selected products.
    • Some products you will see are "free delivery and install" to select areas
    • If you purchase other itmes, these are not automatically included however the free installation items (and travel time) will not go towards the install cost!
  • When will install happen?
    • Currently we will have the goods delivered to you via a professional courier / delivery company. Once the goods have arrived we will then co-ordinate the installation tech
  • Are they insured?
    • Yes, all our service tech will be fully accredited and insured.
  • What about any future serivce?
    • Unless your product specifically says otherwise, no products come with a "service" as part of the item. It is good to get familiar with the service obligations of your machine, and even get some tips from the installer while he or she is onsite!
  • What is some items are on backorder?
    • If some items are on backorder or there will be multiple shipments we will contact you to discuss the options.
    • As transport time is a factor in the costing the options may include:
      • Wait until all goods arrive
      • Have inital shipment installed, and may be eligible for a credit on items you install later
      • Pay additional to have 2x isntalltion tech visits
  • Does the installation include rubbish removal?
    • As this stage we are NOT including rubbish removal as part of the service as we are trying to bring the cost as low as possible. This may be an added service later.