Fitness Equipment In Sydney

Gym and Fitness has a wide variety of options for anyone looking for fitness equipment in Sydney. We stock all the best products from trusted and well-known fitness brands, and our staff are waiting to deliver them to you right away. We know that you're only looking for the best when it comes to working out at home, so we’re here to help!

Strength workout equipment

Are you looking for a barbell or dumbbells in various weight configurations? We have a wide range of excellent products to start the foundation of your strength workout equipment. We also have resistance bands if you don't have much room or require a more straightforward approach, as well as kettlebells.

If you’re looking for products to go along with your barbell and dumbbells, why not get a row station or leg press machine? You could also consider a workout bench that you can adjust to various angles for specific exercises.

Cardio workout equipment

When it comes to cardio equipment, most people think of treadmills, but we have a wide variety of sophisticated machines equipped with different program options and exciting interactive features. We have many other items of cardio workout equipment including exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. We even have treadmills that work through magnetic resistance and don’t need to be plugged into a wall.

Recovery workout equipment

Once you leave the gym, it’s all about recovering as quickly as possible so that you can get ready for your next session. To help you, we've got a range of recovery workout equipment for you to consider, including stretching straps, core sliders and back massages. We also have tools designed for deep muscle treatment, including foam rollers.

Kids equipment

If you've got kids at home, they may want to join in when you schedule your workout session, so why not provide them with their own? We've got a range of kids equipment for the youngsters, designed for their size and capability. Get your kids off the couch and into the home gym with our fun equipment, from swing sets to trampolines.

Multi-functional equipment

Some people like to have all of their workout equipment in one place, especially if space is limited at home. If that’s the case for you, we stock different multi-functional equipment options — all professionally designed and made to mimic the functionality of a commercial gym. Check out our range to see what Sydney fitness equipment options, such as power racks, dip stations, pull-up machines, weight stacks and Smith machines, we have available.

Leg workout equipment

Leg muscles can be some of the most difficult for those all-important gains, which is why we’ve taken our time to curate a variety of leg workout equipment for our customers. If you want to target your hamstrings, we recommend our leg curl machine. And try the attachments that you can fit onto your existing bench or tools that focus on calf raise exercises.

If you want to target your quads, then our quad workout equipment will help you make progress. For example, you could work out on an all-in-one trainer or an elliptical machine. Alternatively, you could choose from some of our specific quad workout equipment, like the ultimate leg press squat combo or the leg extension.

Core workout equipment

If your core isn’t strong enough, you may struggle in supporting yourself and making gains. Your core is the foundation of every workout, especially when you train legs, and we wouldn’t want you to injure yourself. Check out our range of core workout equipment online to help you focus on this area.

Workout accessories

Are you after workout accessories, including the basics? Gym and Fitness can help with add-ons for your favourite machines (like a revolving curl bar or tricep press down bar) or something more basic like a weight belt. Alternatively, choose something fun for your outside space and pick up a professional-grade trampoline.

Place your fitness equipment order online

We are so serious about helping you with your health and fitness regimen that we have a 4,200 square-foot warehouse stacked with your Sydney fitness equipment. Our highly knowledgeable and committed team is ready and waiting to answer any health and fitness-related questions that you may have. We also reward people who want to entrust Gym and Fitness with their business. Each new loyalty member will get exclusive discounts or free shipping on orders over $700. So don't delay any longer. Get in touch today for your fitness equipment in Sydney.