Fitness Equipment In Perth

Are you looking for fitness equipment in Perth? At Gym and Fitness, we supply high-quality workout gear to homes and commercial gyms across Western Australia. We have something for everyone, including specialised strength and cardio gear, general health products and functional fitness items. From simple workout accessories to advanced training machines, our online store caters to all budgets and preferences. We ship products to Perth and across Western Australia, from the inner-city to the outback and beyond.

Strength workout equipment

Whether you want to build lean muscle or tighten your pecs, abs, quads or biceps, our strength workout equipment will kickstart your training session. We stock a wide range of equipment including all-in-one trainers, benches, racks, free weights, barbells, dumbbells and chin-up bars.

We also offer specialised and multi-functional equipment items such as leg workout equipment, core workout equipment and quad workout equipment. All of our products are made from durable materials and designed for tough gym environments.

Cardio training equipment

Gym and Fitness stocks a variety of high-quality cardio workout equipment so you can increase your stamina through endurance training. Set up a home workout space or expand your commercial gym with our range of bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, ski trainers and cross-trainers.

Cardio training offers a number of overall health benefits, from increased heart and lung health to lower stress levels and improved mental health outcomes. When endurance training is combined with healthy diet habits and positive lifestyle choices, you are likely to feel better, sleep more soundly, and have more energy throughout the day. Cardio exercise is also a great way to shed weight and seamlessly tone your body shape over an extended period of time.

Recovery equipment

Do you want a simple and sustainable fitness solution that suits your lifestyle? At Gym and Fitness, our recovery workout equipment is designed to help your body heal at a rapid pace. While hardcore strength and cardio routines allow you to work up a sweat, they often lead to stress and physical injury. Our recovery workout equipment was designed for active and impactful recovery, with different tools used to revitalise muscles, reduce soreness and promote relaxation.

With a balanced approach to fitness, you are less likely to endure injuries and more likely to improve your performance over time. We offer a variety of recovery tools, including massage accessories, home sauna products, stretching mats and yoga products. Along with workout recovery, these products can also be used to aid rehabilitation following an accident or injury.

Multi-functional equipment for training

Our store offers a variety of functional training products to help improve flexibility and mobility, so you can live a happy and active life. Functional workouts involve a holistic and balanced approach to fitness. Instead of focusing solely on strength and cardio outcomes, you can teach your body to perform well during your everyday life.

Functional training is important as you age and integral to sporting performance and general wellbeing. From balls, bags, boxing and MMA gear to jump ropes, boxes and rugby equipment, we stock a range of functional equipment that’ll kick your workout up a notch. At the end of the day, functional training is about being ready and equipped to deal with whatever life throws your way.

Exercise gear for young children

At Gym and Fitness, we offer kids' equipment to keep your children active and entertained, including trampolines and accessories, playsets with monkey bars as well as swing and slide sets. From preschool-aged children to primary school-aged kids and teenagers, kids are much more likely to be active when you provide them with fun, accessible equipment.

Flooring and workout accessories

Level up your home workout by adding our must-have training essentials to your exercise routine. From ankle weights and power belts to masks, boxing gloves and body tape, our fitness accessories boost the efficiency of your workout while reducing the risk of training-related injuries. What’s more? We also offer commercial grade gym gear and sturdy mats that are ideal for stretching, yoga classes and group activities.

The Gym and Fitness difference

It’s no secret that we are dedicated to your health and fitness. We believe in quality products, low prices and reliable customer service delivered with a smile. Not only do we ship across Western Australia, but if you see a lower price on any item, our 'Price Match Request’ service will beat most commercial offers! We also offer numerous easy-to-use payment options, including Afterpay, Zip Pay, Humm, and Flexi.

For advanced Perth fitness equipment delivered by an expert team, please contact the team at Gym and Fitness today.