Fitness Equipment In Brisbane

Are you on the lookout for high-quality fitness equipment in Brisbane? At Gym and Fitness, we provide an enormous selection of workout products, from home gyms to commercial equipment solutions. No matter what, we ensure everything is kept in stock including strength equipment, cardio equipment, recovery equipment, functional equipment, kids' products and workout accessories so you can get your fitness equipment as soon as possible.

Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight or tone your body shape, we're sure to have just what you need. From the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast and everything in between, our fitness equipment can be seen in dozens of homes and commercial gyms across the southeast.

If you want to learn more about the very best in fitness, contact Gym and Fitness today and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch.

Home fitness equipment in Brisbane

At Gym and Fitness, we stock workout equipment for the modern home. While we love our commercial clients, we enjoy nothing more than getting fitness gear into the homes of everyday people. Our home-based products are easy to browse according to brand and intended functionality, with strength equipment available alongside a growing cardio, functional and recovery range.

From home staples like stationary bikes and folding benches to free weights, resistance training systems and massage accessories, we have everything you need to get fit and stay healthy in the comfort of your own home.

We only stock the most impressive home gym machines from leading global brands such as Force USA, VersaFit Flooring, Vortex, FreeForm Cardio, Assault Fitness, Theragun, PTP, Carol Bike, and PowerBlock. Their multi-functional products offer the benefits of a commercial gym in a more comfortable environment.

Commercial gym equipment

We specialise in commercial workout equipment for gyms and other settings. Along with home-based fitness equipment, we have a passion for the professional health and fitness industry. All of our products are easy to browse based on brand and purpose, so you can always find what you need. Whether you operate a gym or have specific training and equipment needs, we are here to supply you with the best of the best.

We have dedicated strength and muscle building machines, multi-functional machines and cardio products based around stationary cycling, running and rowing. What’s more, our functional range includes a variety of cross-training products. We have been involved in the fitness industry for many years, and our people know how to construct a balanced and fully functional gym environment. Whether you're expanding your space or just starting out, we are happy to answer questions and offer advice on how to take your commercial gym to the next level.

Our wide variety of equipment

At Gym and Fitness, we support all types of fitness enthusiasts. For those who want to lose weight and tighten their figure, our cardio equipment is ideal. If you want to gain muscle mass and improve your strength, our strength equipment will be right up your alley. We also have functional and recovery equipment, fitness accessories and specialised products just for kids.

Strength training

Our strength workout equipment can help you easily gain physical strength and build lean muscle mass. Whether you want to improve your sporting performance, enhance your strength or transform your appearance, our equipment is safe, easy-to-use and will get the job done. On our website, you’ll even find specific leg workout equipment, core workout equipment, quad workout equipment and more.

Cardio training

Our cardio workout equipment can help improve your general health, wellbeing and overall fitness levels. Whether you're looking for more stamina throughout the day, better physical resilience or improved mental health outcomes, our cardio gear could be the answer. We have a variety of stationary cardio machines for homes and commercial gyms, including exercise bikes, treadmills and rowing machines.

Functional training

Our functional workout equipment is all about balance, flexibility and agility. While strength and endurance training are crucial, daily mobility is just as important. Our functional training gear helps reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, promotes body control and inspires freedom of movement at every stage of life. From cross-training equipment to bodyweight accessories, our online store has a variety of functional training options that could be right for you.

Recovery training

Our recovery workout equipment helps to relieve physical soreness and rapidly improve muscle healing. Whether you’re hoping to massage your muscles after a stressful workout or engage in a physical rehabilitation program following an injury, our recovery equipment includes massage rollers, stretching mats, Pilates machines and home saunas.

The Gym and Fitness advantage

At Gym and Fitness, we believe in the transformative power of exercise, and we have everything you could possibly need to stay in shape. From fitness essentials and accessories to kids' equipment and multi-functional equipment, we offer same day dispatch and ship to Brisbane daily. Plus, we offer multiple payment options, including Afterpay, Zip Pay, Humm and Flexi.

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