Gym and Fitness are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate Innovation Coordinator to work with our awesome Product Development team, working from our Gold Coast Showroom in Molendinar.



Gym and Fitness is one of Australia's largest fitness equipment e-commerce retailers. We have a team of 50 superstars and a driven and fun culture. Being suitable for the role is only half the challenge; we also need someone who will be a great cultural fit and share the same values! Here at GAF, we live and breathe our core values and purpose and believe in investing in our team and culture.



As our Innovation Coordinator will drive the development process from idea to implementation to ensure products meet customers' needs. Other job duties can include determining cost-efficient production methods, overseeing the layout of product innovation test equipment on production floors, and ensuring that new products are in compliance with international safety regulations.

You will collaborate with the Sales Manager, Sales Team, Executive Management, and Local/International customers to better understand the organization's opportunities and overall business strategy.

You will oversee the creation of research and development of technical samples and documentation for R&D/EMDG claims and the transition to product development personnel.

You will also support process development and ensure the technical side of the business is operating smoothly, mitigating risk where possible and overseeing technical administration within scope.

In this role, you will

      • Seek and develop ideas within and outside of our teams
      • Screening of various sensors and innovation sources  
      • Conduct workshops for brainstorming, use innovation tools, and derive ideas from all these activities
      • Collects ideas from a wide variety of sources, not being the idea generator, but taking care of the collection, evaluation, and selection
      • Continuous improvement process and quality management
      • Analysis of the opportunities, risks, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as the derivation of important issues of the future and the purpose and vision of what we want to achieve with innovation
      • Management of structures such as innovation processes and innovation systems
      • Responsible for coordinating all processes and tasks to achieve the set objectives
      • Communicating with manufacturers to develop working prototypes, sampling, and testing
      • Organizing, managing, and lodgements of R&D and EMDG
      • Managing assigned projects
      • Implement, manage and report on various projects as required by any area or department in the business including dealing with contractors or third party companies where requested provided within scope
      • Responsible for effective training and induction of new starters with direction from relevant department manager
      • Train and assist staff with using business platforms and systems
      • Train and assist staff in process development as needed


Working as a part of an enthusiastic team, in a highly competitive industry, you will be expected to have/demonstrate:

      • Bachelor's degree in innovation/business or related fields
      • Minimum 5 years experience in innovation or project management
      • Thorough understanding of and experience of innovation management
      • Demonstrated ability to review various concepts and ideas, and decide which projects will return best financial results for the business
      • Administration skills and knowledge of major programs including but not limited to Asana, Slack, Whatsapp, WeChat, Instagram, Google suite (docs, sheets, slides), Youtube
      • Demonstrated ability to develop processes and innovation procedures that are both holistic and simple to use
      • Demonstrated high-level skills in the area of project management including budget management, time management, negotiation, and implementation.
      • Ability to work in a busy environment and prioritise a list of competing tasks and responsibilities
      • Ability to work with a high D + I personality type
      • International travel within Asia, US, and Europe as required
      • Technical skills to develop solutions,
      • Knowledge of organisational development, legal knowledge of patents, innovation methods, and creativity
      • Experience with lodging R&D and EMDG grant claims
      • Experience with the lean startup methodology


Slackers and sliders do not fit the mould at GAF or AFS. Please bring your bag full of energy, enthusiasm and undeniably tough work ethic with you if you want to apply! A good sense of humor is a must and you will need to bring your smile daily! We are too busy having fun and hustling hard to get caught up in office politics and internal mind games.

If you want to work with a passionate, fun and highly motivated team in a flexible, progressive work environment, please send through a cover letter and resume, by hitting that apply button right now! Go on, you know you want to.