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All Cardio Equipment

All Cardio Equipment

Our most innovative collection of cardio equipment to date. GAF is your best source of all your fitness supplies, and our cardio category is one of our jam-packed selections. We have treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers / ellipticals, and rowing machines in different designs and brand to choose from.

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Treadmill is our most popular cardio equipment, but before buying a treadmill consider these important points: your fitness goal and your budget. Fortunately, we got these two covered for you. We have loads of running machines with different features set to achieve your goals. If you worry about your budget, we have running machines that are cost-efficient. For as low as $399 you can have a quality cardio equipment with all the basic features you’ll need.

Treadmills vary from brand and features. Depending on your fitness goal or health purpose, there’s a specific equipment for you. Check out our line-up of running machines below and find the perfect one for you.

To find the cardio equipment that suits you, it is best to ask yourself, “Why am I buying a treadmill?”. Is it because you want to lose weight? To enhance endurance? To strengthen your body? Perhaps you’re preparing for a marathon? Are you an athlete looking for body conditioning equipment? Or you simply want a healthier lifestyle? After figuring out your fitness goal, it is much easier to select the perfect running machinefor you.

GAF is proud to offer you, our most innovative and compact brand of treadmills. State of the art, modern, and innovative, Freeform is our cherry on top to date. Six meticulously constructed running machines with unique features designed to cater your specific needs. First off is the Freeform F20 Walker and Light Runner, available in blue and pink. This beauty has all your basic running needs—and more. Your traditional cardio machine specs upgraded to the next level. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient cardio equipment without comprising quality and feature, Freeform F20 is your best choice.

If you want up your game, check out our Freeform F40 Freedom Runner. Perfect for body conditioning and next level cardio exercise. Wider running deck, a powerful motor, and faster speed options. The Freeform F40 is perfect for beginners, a great training foundation for future athletes. Hungry for more power and speed? Then meet your match. The Freeform F60 Pro Runner takes your running another step up. With a 18km/hr max motor speed in just one click, it will definitely take you to your zone. Saving the best for last, the Freeform F80 Marathon Runner with Polar Wireless Receiver and Chest Belt is your ultimate running partner. The last piece of cardio equipment you’ll need. Powered by a 3.0 CHP DC motor and 20km/hr max speed option, the sky’s the limit.

Here at GAF, we cater the fitness needs of all our customers. Bodybuilders, runners, and other professional athletes, we got them covered. When we say we cater to ALL our customers, age and disability are not a limit. The Freeform F100 Walker Assist and Rehab helps in the recovery and rehabilitation of older individuals towards a more functional and healthier lifestyle. If has a SafetyAssist feature which ensures a secure and worry-free cardio workout.

Aside from Freeform, we also offer other brands like Boyles Fitness, Spirit, Healthstream, Liberty Fitness, Orbit, Sole, TRUE Fitness, and York Fitness.