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Vertical Knee Raise

Vertical Knee Raise is one of the most essential parts of every ab-building workout regimen, if you are trying to build those hard-rock abs, this is definitely one of the best buys that’d fit your fitness needs.

Vertical Knee raises mainly focuses on the core muscle groups, it’s essential for those who are trying to trim their abs to perfection. This workout is performed by suspending your upper body on the two parallel bars of a raise machine, rest your elbows on the pads of the raise machine and maintain your posture as stable as possible. You can then start raising your knee upfront or sideways. You can also add into the difficulty by not folding the knees while raising your whole legs to enjoy more benefits from the exercise. This is a staple exercise for core builders and you can even add it to your total body workouts.

The core muscles that vertical knee raises targets are named Rectus Abdominus. This muscle is the one who supports the spinal flexion which enables you to do things like sit-ups and other movements that pulls your chest below toward your hips. It situates through the torso down to the hips. This workout also works the hip flexors. When the Rectus Abdominus maintains the posture of your body and core, the hip flexors then simultaneously helps to bring up the knees to complete the workout.

Key Reminders when performing Vertical Knee Raises:

Always remember to never drop your legs during this exercise, always return to the starting position in a slow manner to get the full benefits of this particular workout.

Never use the swinging motion of this exercise when raising the legs, it also takes the work out off of the muscles, therefore, giving you no benefits and only joint stress.

Mixing up this exercise by extending your legs puts the work more on the hips and back rather than the legs. It is okay to mix up the exercise, but it’s better you know when to mix this exercise in depending on your workout regimen.