Trampoline Accessories

Gym and Fitness offers variety of trampoline accessories that add more fun to your kids’ outdoor activities. You can find these great accessories at an affordable price.


Enjoyment doesn’t have to stop at just the trampoline. Add extra fun using our trampoline accessories that include Swish Trampoline Basketball Ring and Trix Board.

Adding the basketball ring introduces a fun game that kids of all levels can enjoy. It helps them develop their coordination, balance and strengthen their endurance.

Gym and Fitness provides a Swish Basketball Hoop set that is built for both S-Series and Hyper Jump trampolines for some serious air-time slamming, shooting and dunking action. The hoop set features a mini basketball and a sturdy backboard with a safe, padded rim to ensure safety as well as high durability. It comes with a spring loaded rim that allows the hoop to stay rigid and durable during play. Our Swish Basketball Hoop Set can be attached to Lifespan Kids Wooden or Metal Swing sets with a specially designed bracket.

Trix Board will help your kids to improve their skills in a wide variety of areas. They will be able to learn new board tricks and practice air maneuvers. Our Trix Board is designed on durable EVA foam, it comes with a strong, flexible but lightweight base, perfectly sized for kids and easy to carry or store.

Talk to our approachable sales representative and find the best trampoline accessories for your kids. Contact us today for more information.