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Therapy Roller

Foam Rollers enables an individual to perform self-myofascial release. It was known before as a rather peculiar technique, but as time passes by, it became more famous and known to most professional coaches, physical therapists and even well-known athletes.


Foam Rollers promotes self-massage which can release tension from the body by hitting the trigger points. There are a lot of other methods and equipment that can enable you to perform a self-myofascial release, but foam rollers are the most economical choice out of all the others. Another benefit is the ease of use, just place it under a specific muscle group while applying body weight to apply pressure.

Self-myofascial release helps improve your body’s flexibility, at the same time helps your muscle group’s recovery in order to efficiently repair muscles with an intense training regimen. It also enables the user to control the recovery of their muscles because only they can feel where it hurts the most and where they should apply the pressure. Hitting trigger points helps the body to reinstate proper movement ranges, pain-free motion and enhance workout performance.

The self-myofascial release works by releasing the tension on knotted muscles, disintegrates adhesions that form between muscle tissues during strenuous workouts and tenderizing your muscle groups. This method also normalizes blood flow for proper restoration of muscle tissues. It is true that the body has a natural attribute to reciprocate whatever we do with it at the end of the day, but it would be a huge boost to your bulking up the process and give results ten-fold if we help it recover amply.