Strongman Log

The Strongman Log is great for athletes who love lifting. This innovation is a log-like weightlifting bar that emulates a more form-friendly position for the shoulders than the common weightlifting bars. This bar’s main benefit is that it gives less strain to your arms’ and shoulders’ joints.

If you don’t have the proper form in weightlifting, you could induce strain or possibly injure a lot of your muscle groups, rendering you unable to lift weights for about a month or two. That is one of the major reasons why this product was invented. Sporting ergonomic handles, it would surely be a great one to have at your disposal. It has large openings that can fit almost any arm size, so if you are fed up of traditional deadlifts and powerlifting, give this brilliant piece of innovation a shot.

Get buffed with the Strongman Log real quick! It enables the user to perform several types of lifting positions to spice up your weightlifting game, it can accommodate several workouts and heights. The Strongman Log enables athletes to perform a wide variety of exercises like chin-ups, deadlifts, cross-training, and squats. You could place a bench under and do bench presses as well. You will have that perfect ripped body in no time. This equipment is also designed fit in almost any kind of weight plate for easier weight adjustment.

It may pique the interests of some gym enthusiasts at first. The Strongman never failed to amaze our customers with its benefits. It looks awkward and bulky at first but proves to be worth the try as it is more fun than traditional bars and you’ll be reaping more gains as go down as master the technique. This equipment ensures that you’ll have the proper ingredients to prepare for your next Strongman competition.