Strength Tyre

The strength tyre is a simple but highly efficient strength training tool used by athletes and strongman competitors. The motions associated with flipping it over flexes every muscle in the body, and gets you that nice and even tone you’re looking for.

Strength training methods with the use of tires may seem overly simplistic, but in truth, the reason behind them still being used in spite of other available methods is in the raw efficiency it simply brings to the table, not only for strongman competitors but for other athletes as well.

This type of training can add a completely new dimension to one’s physical strength and conditioning regimens and is especially useful for athletes that need to buff up their muscle mass and stamina. The misconception that tire training is made specifically and exclusively for strongman competitors is absolutely false.

This type of strength training enhances overall performance in just about any sport, all the way from gymnastics competitions, to football. It is simply one of the most efficient strength exercises that works just about every muscle in the body with its immense weight. When flipping heavyweight tires, you get to flex every functional muscle in the body, from the upper body all the way down to the leg muscles, and if you’re doing it correctly, the tire training can also double as an aerobic exercise variant. There are just far too many benefits to getting one for you not to get your own strength tire to start reaping all of these upsides.

For starters, coaches tend to say that 350-pound tires are ideal for female athletes, and 450 is just right for males. These are the perfect weights to build enough strength and muscle mass for a majority of competitive sports. For those who are just looking to exercise though, it is best to see for yourself in terms of what weight of the strength tyre is ideal for you. As a rule of thumb, get one that will force you to work hard without injuring yourself.