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Standing Desk

The standing desk is an innovation for the office setting, made to allow workers to do their work without sitting whenever they wish, negating the health risks associated with sitting too much.

Sitting around too much can cause a person to contract an increased risk factor for deadly conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and the like, and many studies have created a direct link between sitting for hours on end and weight gain and obesity, both of which are becoming leading causes of disease and death. This is a particularly dangerous proposition for those who are working in office jobs, as their jobs almost always require them to be seated for the entirety of their workdays, thus making them susceptible to all the downsides stipulated above. There is some hope in the situation, however, as standing desks are becoming increasingly popular as time has passed.

The standing desk, more commonly known to be the stand-up desk, is exactly what it sounds like; it is just like any other desk, but the height is adjusted specifically to allow you to do your work comfortably while standing up. It may seem impractical and might not sound like it’ll be something that everyone would like, but the best part about the more modern variants is that they come with height adjustment mechanisms, which allow the person to adjust the height to alternate between standing and sitting as they see fit. Research on this field is only beginning to emerge, but early studies have proven favourable for the standing desk, lauding it for the multiple health benefits it can provide for those who do use them. At the very least, this will allow you to dodge some of the harsh losses to health that sitting too much can bring to you.