Squat Pad

The squat pad is an important auxiliary exercise tool that is used in conjunction with the squat bars in order to facilitate an optimal yet comfortable squatting position and form. It is useful for gym newbies and veterans alike.


Right now, you may be one of those people who does not opt to attach a squat pad onto your squat bar. After all, the squat bar has quite a reputation for being what some would call a beginner’s instrument, almost becoming taboo for more experienced exercisers, to some extent. However, once you get to a certain weight on your squats, it may actually be significantly beneficial for you to utilize a squat pad for a plethora of reasons.

For one, if you are lifting very heavy weights, you may find it to be an invaluable asset, as utilizing a squat pad allows you to put more attention toward optimizing your form instead of having to exert even more effort while trying to find a squatting position that keeps your neck in a comfortable place. Furthermore, the squat pad actually isn’t only for squats; It can also be utilized as a pad when doing hip thrusters, an exercise made specifically for the glutes. This is an invaluable benefit still for those who are looking to improve their maximum deadlifts and squats, as the glutes are an important set of muscles that contribute much toward generating lifting power; in this case, improving your hip thrust directly works toward improving your deadlifts and squats by a significant margin.