Squat Bar

Squat bars are like normal lifting bars, but made specifically to make squatting as safe as possible. With the center knurling and thicker diameter, it is bound to be the safest and most efficient option for squatting available.

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Squats are an all-too-important staple of most strength building workouts for those who can do them, as they are not something that everyone ought to do; the technique in doing such is very particular and very important; one mistake can lead to serious injury. Due to this, even those who are more experienced in doing squats take the proper precautionary measures in preparation for this strength building exercise. Some use gripping gloves or chalk to avoid letting go of the bar mid-squat. One of the most important safety implements that help keep exercisers safe, however, is the implementation of squat bars, which were made specifically for this one purpose.

Squat bars are similar to a standard lifting bar, but these bars differ in one specific detail. The squat bar will always have the knurling, which is a pattern of angled lines is engraved onto the metal, roughly around the centre portion of the bar. This particular process is done specifically to prevent one from getting injured should they end up dropping the bar, as the knurling allows the bar to grip the back of your shirt, ensuring that it doesn’t end up sliding off amid a squat rep. The diameter is also somewhat larger than the normal bars, in order to make it easier to use for its intended purpose. This larger diameter is also very much necessary because of the knurling process involved in the creation of this exercise tool; normal bars might lose a little longevity off of the knurling process, but the thicker diameter of the squat bar assures that the knurling will have little to no effect on the useful life of this piece of equipment.