Spring Trampolines

Spring into action with the best and safest trampolines available on the market today. Here at Gym and Fitness, we have a wide range of spring trampoline collections available in different shapes and sizes. Find a quality trampoline and enjoy our free shipping today!


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Playing on a trampoline is one of the best exercises for children. It offers great benefits such as improving balance, as they move along on a trampoline, they experience instant success that results in courage and self-confidence. As children learn to control the movements of their bodies, it helps them learn new things too, like muscle control and coordination. Bouncing on a trampoline is known to be a good heart exercise as it increases heart rate. It’s also a fun activity with friends.

Finding the right spring trampolines can be a challenging task considering the features, safety and price range. Our Spring Trampoline Collections come equipped with high quality components, extra bouncy zinc-plated steel springs, curved safety poles for more jumping room, a smart fiberglass ring design for extra strength, thick & wide pads to ensure better coverage over springs, fully UV resistant materials to withstand the harsh Australian climate, backed by an industry-leading Frame warping & anti-rust warranty. It is an amazing trampoline the whole family can enjoy. It has a class-leading internal jumping area and only takes up a small garden footprint. It is the perfect size for the modern backyard. Our improved high-grade safety netting is reinforced with a fibreglass rod: offering better protection against accidental falls. Each trampoline in this collection is built with finest materials.

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