The speedball is a common boxing training implement. However, it can also be useful for gym-goers of all fitness levels by providing an aerobic endurance workout that is easy to do.

There are more than a few reasons to get a speedball for your own gym, be it commercial or home-based.

For one, the speedball is great at building and improving one’s hand and eye coordination. It is a well-known and generally accepted method of training these competencies used by a large number of boxing athletes. Improving hand-eye coordination is pivotal for boxers, as it allows them to deliver more accurate hits in the long run.

It also helps one improve their footwork around the ring. While the speedball is only a stationary target, moving around and practising the swift movement involved in real fights while training with the speedball is a great way to simulate the real experience.

It is also a great way to improve one’s own physical fitness. Repetitive speed punch training with the speedball is an unparalleled fitness and endurance workout. This will allow you to build up your stamina to even higher levels and keep you in top condition for longer in the fight, allowing you to get through the dragged-out fights unfazed.

This experience of simulating a fight is very much useful, as it also allows you to build up our overall endurance to greater heights. The last 30 seconds of each of the boxing match’s 12 rounds are undeniably important, hence building endurance will allow you to keep yourself performing at peak efficiency, even in the last few seconds of the round, getting you more points in the long haul.