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Slippery Dip

The slippery dip is a staple of child development. It allows children to develop motor skills, as well as social abilities.

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The slippery dip may just seem like another playground implement, but it actually serves a lot of developmental benefits for children.

For one, it promotes the development of each child’s balance and coordination. As they grow older, there are some developmental stages that they must go through at first before they can enjoy the rush of the slippery dip on their own. For one, they would need to find a way to climb all the way to the top of the slippery dip. Whenever a child succeeds in this pursuit, they actually get to build vital balance and coordination skills, an integral part of their growth and overall motor skills development. Furthermore, it also allows your child to gain a sense of spatial awareness, as they get to assess for themselves whether or not it is the right time for them to slide down. It also allows a child to develop flexibility, as their hand grasp onto the rungs of a ladder or the side handle of a staircase leading to it.

It also incentivizes children to develop social skills independently. Children have a natural inclination to play on the slippery dip because they find it enjoyable. Especially in populous areas, the slippery dip is going to be one of the main attractions. Thus, the children will most likely have to wait for their turns. When kids are playing and interacting with their peers, the slippery dip is a great way to teach kids the value of having patience, as well as how to interact with a variety of people that are new to them, to take a step outside of their comfort zones.