The sledgehammer may seem like a tool for simpletons, but it is still far too effective at what it does. With a large tire, it can be used for intensive strength and power building.

When one begins to rack their brains for any of the old, traditional forms of strength training, the sledgehammer will definitely be one of the very first to come to one’s mind. This is due to the highly efficient nature of the exercise motions this simple, yet highly powerful tool provides for every gym-goer. When it comes to building muscle, and developing pure raw muscle strength and explosive power, no other exercise tool can call itself a parallel to the sledgehammer.
However, just to make it clear, and to avoid any untoward incidents, it must be made clear that the sledgehammer is, more often than not, used in conjunction with a large tractor tire for one to whack away at without causing damage. These hard-hitting hammers come in a plethora of weight classes. The options range all the way from four pounds to beyond 30 pounds. It does not stop there, however, as there are options that go above and beyond these standards.

While the strength and power building upsides of using the sledgehammer cannot be denied, you also have to highlight the great feeling that comes with swinging an immensely heavy hammer at an object without having to hold back. It gives you a sense of elation as you do the exercise, and can be used to channel one’s frustrations at an object in a way that will not damage or harm property and people. Gyms have come up with a large number of useful equipment, but none can come close to the simple efficiency that this simple tool provides its users with.