Shin Protectors

Shin Protectors are key pieces of equipment when performing leg striking drills. They protect the whole leg from deep bruises and possible scratches in sparring sessions. They are very flexible and used in almost every type of martial arts that currently exist.

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With low profile construction and anatomical design, the Shin Guards or Shin Protectors move with your body to ensure superior protection during your most intense sparring sessions. These shin protectors act as a strong layer of cushioning, making them ultra-versatile and adaptive to a wide array of combat sports, including MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing or Taekwondo. Using unique cushioning material padded inserts and a high grip embossed exterior on the foot area works well for keeping your feet well-grounded on the mats.

Equipped with a hinge with elastic straps that fit comfortably and delivers safety no matter how you situate your legs during intense movements. These Shin Protectors feature a low-profile construction and are designed with reinforced foam that is strategically placed from your instep to the top of your shin region.

Acts as an optimal shield to ensure protection during an attack or defensive movements. The Embossed grip provides enhanced mat traction and agility to increase your takedown and ground and pound techniques. Some sport Neoprene fabric that offers perfect coverage and a boosted, warm-up effect. Open areas and mesh panels maximize breathability. A smooth, interior lining with flat seams provides optimal comfort.