Rotary Hip Machine

The Rotary Hip Machine is often overlooked, in spite of being a highly effective and efficient piece of gym equipment. It allows you to work your hips for a warm-up and work out purposes.

The Rotary Hip Machine is undoubtedly one of the most underused and underrated pieces of equipment that can be found in just about any gym.

Sometimes referred to as the Total Hip Machine, it is a machine that can look intimidating to newer, less experienced gym-goers, making them shy away from trying to make use of it. The way it looks to the gym-goer, as well as the fact that it is often positioned just beside the more exceedingly familiar machines in the seated abductors and adductors makes it so that the machine often gets ignored by a majority of people who see it. This, however, is a significantly misinformed mistake that makes you miss out on what is arguably one of the most effective and efficient machines you will ever find in the gym. It can be quite difficult to put into position and set up during the first few tries you take, but you will soon find that all that effort is definitely worth the time. This machine is ideal for warming yourself up for a strenuous leg day routine, helping you stray clear of the way of possible injuries of various severities, an effective warm-up and work out tool for competitive athletes trying to get in shape for their game day, as well as the older gym-goers who are looking to take on something that would not be too strenuous or strength intensive for them to handle. Lastly, it is also a great machine to help strengthen and build muscles in the glutes.