Push Band Arm Sleeve

The PUSH Band Arm Sleeve is a gym aiding device that allows you to track the intensity of your own workouts. It tracks and calculates the velocity, power, and work behind every exercise, letting you know exactly how much you’re getting done in each workout.


For quite a long time now, fitness trainers have had a great deal of understanding when it comes to the different types of gym aid equipment, and the invaluable benefits they can present to exercisers, especially for those who are just getting started on their journey to fitness. For these types of new exercisers, trainers are expecting significant improvements in the new exercisers’ metabolic rates, cardiovascular health, and overall cardiovascular endurance once presented with a workout that really pushes their physical capabilities to the absolute limits of what they are capable of doing at the time. Thus, any type of gym apparel or gym aiding device that is designed specifically to help new exercisers and trainers alike expedite this development process is definitely going to be very much sought after by both new and professional exercisers and athletes alike.

One of these aforementioned pieces of gym apparel or gym aiding devices is the compression arm sleeve, which is definitely an option for many, and an option that every exerciser should definitely at least take into serious consideration. There is one variant of the traditional compression arm sleeve, however, that takes these benefits into a different direction from what the common variants are capable of doing. This is the PUSH band arm sleeve, which allows you to keep track of your exercises, and their intensity simply by wearing the band and using the app as you go on the gym grind. It really allows you to take your fitness into your own hands by letting you see just how hard you’re working toward your goal, and how much further you need to go.