Play Centre

Gym and Fitness play centre collections are the perfect way to inspire your kids to get out and enjoy outdoor activities and adventure. We provide different kinds of high-quality play centres with safety standards to ensure that your child is free from any danger.


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Here at Gym and Fitness, we truly understand the importance of providing outdoor activities for your kids to stay active and healthy.

We offer different types of plum play collections that include Plum Toddler Tower Play, Plum Climbing Cube Play, Plum Lookout Tower Play, Plum Kudu Play, Plum Train and Track Play Table, Plum Climbing Pyramid Play and Plum Surfside Sand and Water Table.

Our Wooden Plum Toddler Tower is designed for young explorers to swing, climb, slide and hide with many hand grips and gentle steps to help them along the way. The fantastic Plum Climbing Cube Play Centre is action-packed with its climbing platforms, ladders, trapezes and slide for climbing, swinging, sliding and hiding. Our Plum Lookout Tower Play Centre has a rock wall with multi-coloured hand and foot grips that gives challenging climb for young adventurers up to the tower. Our playground collections have plenty of features for friends to join in the fun and enjoy an active outdoor play.

If your children love playing with mini cars, vehicles and buildings, our Plum Train and Track Play Table would be perfect for them. We also have Plum Climbing Pyramid Play Centre for little soldiers imaginative role play games and activities. Our Plum Surfside Sand and Water Table can be used as a picnic table in the garden for outdoor eating or for drawing and playing games.

We strongly believe that your child needs a place to explore and have unforgettable fun. Talk to our very responsive sales representative to know more about our product collections. Feel free to contact us today.