Pin Loaded Chest and Back Machine

The pin-loaded chest and back machine is a versatile strength training machine that will allow you to save floor space by being a viable workout for both the chest and back area muscles, as well as being used for both new and experienced exercisers.

Most pieces of gym equipment are made to achieve a specific purpose, and to do not much else beyond working the specific part of the body it was made to work out. There are many examples of these in the gym, be it in the suspension based strength training variants, or the all too common press machines, these machines, more often than not, only work the chest, back, arms, legs, or any other part of the body, while putting minimal stress on any of the other parts of the body. This setup may be useful for gyms, as it gives exercisers a lot of options that target parts of the body optimally. However, for other settings, such as small, startup gyms, and especially home-based gyms, the constraints on the floor space might lead you to seriously consider any options available that will fit the needs of a wider variety of people.

This is where the pin-loaded chest and back machine will come in handy. For one, as the name implies, it is a strength training machine that will allow an exerciser to work either the back or the chest, which increases the utility it will have for more exercisers. The hassle of having to walk to another machine is eliminated. Furthermore, pin-loaded strength training machines have the added upside of being easily scalable to every exercisers fitness capabilities and goals, which means that no one will be left out of using this machine simply because it’s too easy or too hard for them.